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Introducing Cubiex : Blockchain Powered Groundbreaking Gaming Ecosystem

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What is Cubiex ?
Cubiex is next-gen tokenized social network network for eSports & gaming enthusiasts, with the vision to connect gamers on a global basis. Cubiex is created by a team called Cubiex Esports which consists of professional people that have experiences and knowledges in the IT industry and gaming.

Why Cubiex ?
Currently there are 400m gamers in the world, but only a few teams generate income from their eSports activities. Amateur gamers have no way of monetizing their gaming experience or clear mediums to be a part of the professional eSports scene. Cubiex solves this issue, being the first decentralized social network tailored to the needs of gamers.

Key Features
- Social Connectivity & Incentivization
Find friends - generate content & get rewarded.
- Livestreaming
Livestreaming your gaming activity and receive Cubiex donations through your audience!
- P2P Matchmaking
Place Cubiex tokens against your opponent and fight for the prize pool!
- Cubiex market
Trade your virtual ingame items and digital collectibles in return for Cubiex!

Supported Games
- CS:GO (50m+ players)
- Fortnite (50m+ players)
- DOTA2 (100m+ players)
- PUBG (30m+ players)
- H1Z1 (25m+ players)

And many more games incoming...

Platform Release
Cubiex v1.0 Platform is currently being worked on and will be released in Q4 2019.

Promotional Video

How to Get Cubiex Token (CBIX) ?
CBIX can be purchased at : here
You can transfer CBIX token you purchased to Cubiex Platform when it's released and be ready to use it 🙂

Social Media Channels

Level 13
Its Not Free ? No Thanks , Can It Be Hacked ?

toronto699 wrote:
Its Not Free ? No Thanks , Can It Be Hacked ?

Cubiex token is built with ERC20 standard, which is very secure, so it's safe against hacking attempt.