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Intel vs AMD vs TPlatforms?

Level 40

Level 40
Ah well not sure if that is propaganda or worth paying attention too. Would be good to have a viable competitor to Intel.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 15
They have a loooong way to go, since they're only banging on about ARM chips, not x86 cores.

Level 40
Sorry I have just heard through my sources I got the name wrong; it's not Tplatforms...the slogan on your laptop will be "PUTINtel PUTINside"

Arne Saknussemm wrote:

I wounder why do you guys even look at this.
1) It's ARM based chip, nothing like a real CPU
2) They would be produced by TSMC like any other chips, so it's nothing like a "Mother Russia's CPU" produced by bears on Kalashnikov's factory, with CB at 40C (if you know what I mean)
3) This info it's just a conception that isn't even resulted in any certain plan. And even if it will, it would take so many time so 16nm would get old to that moment.
4) And the last one, the most sad thing is that any large project in Russia instantly gets consumed by corruption. The funds values are serious and there's no chance for no one would use the situation for his own good. That would not help the project in any way, obviously.

But if it happens, I may bin some for you guys 😄

Level 40
Haha love it...

You don't reckon this will go anywhere Dartmaul?

A new ARMs race?

We'll be fine regardless.

I'm just kinda impressed with the level of nonsense of the situation. With the fact how we were made responsible for something happening in neighbor country.

Sirya / Livia / Iraq is a different story, but most of the acting sides are the same. And the way they act is also the same.

Anyway, it's not a political forum, and I don't like to say something everybody knows.
Arne we may discuss that in PM if you like to.

Level 12
The issue is the initial motivation.
Recent events have made Russia to suddenly realize we don't produce anything expect gas, oil and vodka (I don't mean it is exactly so, but you get what I mean). That made us to came up with a set of decisions to "reduce our dependence from export goods"/ That's one of them.

Seems to be a good point, but as everything made in hurry, it's gonna be made bad.

Level 40
I think you'll be fine...Europe only consumes Gas, Oil and Vodka... oh, and Russian wheat to make our bread...I think you have a market...

That's why all the dirty politics in Syria...trying to reduce dependency with a pipeline from Qatar...

Level 40
Yeah sure, though I think General Discussion has a sound history of thread "deviation" shall we say....this will have moved on to poodle grooming or some such before you know it...