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Intel® Extreme Tuning Utilityand Armoury Crate

Level 7
is it possible to run XTU (Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility) and Armoury Crate running together?

I just want to install and running the XTU but Im unable to start it cuz another performance program is already running and accidentally found out the Armoury Crate is also running an XTU service and then i uninstalled it and I can run the XTU after but missing the fan speed features cuz the Armoury Crate is removed.

is there any things I can do to run the programs together? Im already testing out the Throttlestop but kinda curious about the XTU but cannot run the programs without Armoury Crate uninstalled, or is there a way that i can set up my fan speed without Armoury Crate?

my laptop is ROG Strix G531GV