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Intel Chip Flaw Renders Millions of Devices Exposed

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Security researchers have raised the alarm for years about the Intel remote administration feature known as the Management Engine. The platform has a lot of useful features for IT managers, but it requires deep system access that offers a tempting target for attackers; compromising the Management Engine could lead to full control of a given computer. Now, after several research groups have uncovered ME bugs, Intel has confirmed that those worst-case fears may be possible.

In case I missed this issue being brought up on these forums, I'm posting this to acquire information on ASUS' involvement in search of a solution. Gigabyte is on the case starting with the Z370 and working their way down to older chipsets:

GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY, a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, has implemented safety measures aligned with Intel's response to the Intel Management Engine (ME) and Intel Trusted Execution Engine (TXE) security vulnerabilities, so customers can be reassured their motherboards are fully protected. For all customers who have purchased GIGABYTE motherboards for Intel platforms, please visit the official website to download the latest BIOS versions as well as ME and TXE drivers.

From Intel support:
Intel® Management Engine Critical Firmware Update (Intel SA-00086)

Would like some clarification from ASUS regarding their progress on this matter as my system has been found vulnerable using Intel's detection tool:
I'd like to deploy my troops in her country.