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[Important] Adjustments to the Rankings

Community Admin
Community Admin

Dear ROG Forum Members,

As everyone has noticed, we have a new ranking system. Your posts, private messages, seniority and kudos have carried over from the previous forum. The new forum provides more metrics such as accepted solutions to measure one's knowledge of technologies, ROG products, and the forum itself. In the coming weeks, adjustments to the formula which could ultimately affect everyone's current rankings. 

The new ranking system is intended to reward knowledgeable and helpful members more accurately. We thank you for all your contributions to make this a lively community of enthusiasts.

To make the ROG Forum a pleasant and inclusive destination to share knowledge, ideas, and feedback, we must remind everyone to be kind, courteous, humble, and helpful. 

* Confrontational and instigative behavior will NOT be tolerated in the ROG Forum, irrespective of whom the attacks are directed at and why. Deduction of awarded points or permanent bans can be applied as a result without warning.


FPS, Racing & VR Gamer / Tech Enthusiast / ROG Admin