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If I add an M.2 SSD to a Maximus Formula VII MoBo do I lose SATA ports?

Level 7
Hi all,

Please excuse me if this has been addressed already but I couldn't find anything definitive through a search of the archives (or the internet).

I've just added a M.2 SSD via the mPCIe Combo slot on the ROG Maximus Formula VII motherboard. The new M.2 SSD shows up fine but I seem to have lost two HDDs connected to the SATA ports. My question is the following: Is this a trade-off for adding the M.2 SSD via the mPCIe port - or is there a way to circumvent the loss of the SATA ports?

It's not clear from the manual and the information I've found searching the internet is ambiguous.

Many thanks in advance!

Level 13
Taken right from your manual in the BIOS section for sata express, should have shown this in the sata tables or the PCIE combo port pages.

If its set to auto M2 is given priority when populated then SATA express and if neither is present then sata
Set to M2 Sata express is disabled and no SATA
Set to Sata express M2 is disabled and no SATA
Sorry but this looks like an either/or choice, cant have both.


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