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I wanna be in the ROG! (wanting to be a ROG streamer)

Level 10
Hello Fellow Republic Gamers,

I have applied to the Asus Website and am trying to become one of the Live Video Producers. While I meet most of the requirements in terms of knowledge, I don't have much of an existing virtual presence (portfolio or twitch streaming) mostly due to digital security paranoia (more on that later). The requirements are 3 years experience with live video production (which I did as a camera man in a previous job, high school shows and a few marketing tasks in a previous job) and a profeciency with OBS (which I'm working on.)

The main issue I'm having is meeting the external requirements for getting the main goals for the job:
1. Universal Screenname: I need to find something that will work across all 3 major streaming platforms, Right now I have three individually named lurker accounts
2. Working OBS: There's guides from Streamlabs and Mixer but they seem to be more about conduct than how to work the actual program and it's a bit... confusing.
3. Getting the ROG ELITE webcast tools: These appear to be locked at a 3000 point buy and while I have been filling out the activities as best I can, I'm only sitting at 855. I'd like to get those tools to officiate what I'm working on.

The Paranoia: The physical reality of me as a person vs the marketiblity of me as a product.
I need to craft an individual online pesona (I'm guessing: perky, family friendly and professional) so that I can prove to the hiring at Asus that will be looking me over that I will synergize with the rest of the team. The issue is that I'm super paranoid over stalkers and those of a malicious nature that will try and copyright strike me or any channel I make in order to make a quick buck at my expense or potential viewers expense. The only way I can think to counter this is by using the RTX Nvenc encoder to overlay me virtually. That way my voice, mannerisms and looks are controlled at all times (3d mascot) instead of me as a visual person. Examples include: Facerig streamers, Full body motion cap VR players and Yoko Taro (who usually gives interviews in a full head mask so not to break the illusion of what he is.)

Anyway if you got through that rant: I'm basically asking the ROG for help. I would really like to work for Asus, and this position uses my skillset more aptly than the other jobs they have on offer. I just need help from you if you're willing to make me be the best bridge between you the players/consumers of the Asus community and the Company that is Asus.

As for the games I play? PC warframe is my bread and butter, but I have a ton of steam library games in the catelogue that I can try.

Thanks for your time and I hope that the feedback will yield some results.

Veovis (Aka that guy in the red cap and glasses from the 2018 ROG GAMEFEST)

(Edit, I updated my PC specs so that you can see what I've got to work with.)

Level 8
The secret to getting points is buying a good amount of product, doing un-boxing videos, reviewing the item and registering it. In all honesty, it isn't too hard to get your points if you do the above list of things. I have 17 ROG products, I've only written 4 reviews and answered maybe 4 surveys. No unboxing videos or product registrations yet(all 17 have been added to "my products" though) and I'm at 1218 on points. All within the last 3 weeks too. Was saving for the 4k animated wallpaper(thought it was gonna take longer) but after the surveys and registering a few things, I'm grabbing resident evil 3 today instead. Wallpaper can wait till tomorrow. After that, I'll also be aiming for the streamer pack for fun.

Level 10
The Issue I have is that some of the ROG products I have can't be reviewed or registered through the Elite system.
Namely: The Asus s3 10 tablet
Asus ROG Phone II
Asus ROG STRIX 570-I

If I could I'd really help.