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I need some help with running my g771jm Please help me!

Level 9
Hello all, I am apoligizing if I misplace my post but these must be the right section. First I wanna say I have 8gb ram, grx860m 4gb ddr5 and a ssd 120GB 400mb/s, i7 quad 2.5ghz. So tell me if I am wrong, my laptop should run 7 days to die, the forst, rocket league, league of legends, dragon age inquisition and fallout 4 just fine, right? well beside LOL and rocket league none of these games work not even on LOW SETTINGS, please help me tell me what should I do, thank you a lot! I set the games to run on Nvidia GPU (dedicated) still nothing... I was wondering if I could use some benchmark/test utility to maybe try and figure out what is wrong RAM/GPU/CPU/SSD? maybe a sugestion guys i am dying over here... in the ROG real benchmark i got 45000 overall score....

Nate152 wrote:
Hello ArtemisWTF

Try Nvidia driver 355.98 and report back if this helps you.

I am trying that driver right now, I also tried 333, but nothing, I will try what u gave me thanks!!!


I installed 355.98 and still the same problem, this is a screenshot taken while playing 7 Days to die for 5 minutes... the game lags, freezes, and the sounds are altered... any other ideas, i am dying.... stupid 771jm and 860m...

this is a screen with MAX values...


Yes I always do, my battery is out becouse i am trying to preserve it for when i need it, I tried running games with battery inserted and plugged in, still nothing.... with 355.98 league of legends works only 30 min, after lags and frezzes FPS drop 10-20, with latest LOL works fine but only lol.... i tried a lot of versions, each is problematic for all games...


Has your pc always been like this or was it working ok before?

If it was ok before try a system restore.

Your gpu temp looks pretty warm are your fans cranking up when gpu temp gets in the 80's?