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I`m looking for detailed information on Motherboard Specifications

Level 11
Is there a website that explains in detail what all the mother board specifications and features are, and how they function? For example, if I need information on all the fan and cooling related headers on a motherboard that explains what each does and how it functions, where can I find that info? The User Guides that comes with mother boards only give a brief description about it`s features. I need a deeper explanation so I can know where to to connect hardware and how to use those features.
When I read about some things in my motherboard`s User Manual, I have no idea what it`s talking about or what it is.

Hi Not_Enough_Rage,

You'll likely need to research each individual motherboard header to get a detailed explanation.

Level 11
No, due to PC Motherboard copyrights. About 40 years ago, motherboard manuals included a basic schematic diagram of the motherboard, but no longer at this time.

The answers are out there and motherboard manufactures are not going to share like they did years ago.

However, I did notice that the Z690 motherboard manuals did improve on header connection explanations in their user’s manuals (And now Z690 BIOS Manual).

Level 40