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I dont know where did they send my headset to?

Level 7
I own asus cerberus headset since 2016,last week right side of headset was giving no sound and i sent it to where i bought it online.I called them did my package arrive there and they said yes,i sent it via ups cargo,after one day i called them again how is it going on? they said they sent my headset to the authorized technical service but they didnt tell me where it is exactly.Anyway i've had a live-chat with asus service they said there is no such technical service exist for headset,mouse and keyboard in Turkey i was socked.

I am really confused,i live in Turkey and they said they sent it to the service but there is no such service exist for headsets,keyboard and mouse in Turkey.

Well, the store just said "authorized" but not "ASUS authorized"? Maybe this is a 3rd party the store trusts to do repair work but it's not actually an ASUS facility? Not sure.

The good news is that a faulty connection is generally very easy to fix. They either need to resolder a connection in the ear cup or replace the cord. So it doesn't require a special facility. However I would check it thoroughly when you get it back. Shake the headset and flex the cable around to make sure there aren't any weak spots.
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