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I cant believe this crap....Im NEVER buying ASUS again. Please help

Level 8
I'm tired of this guys , I'm just going to give a quick background and ask a question then I'm done. I WILL NEVER support a garbage company like ASUS again, and ill make sure I post reviews on relevant websites to let future buyers know what they are about to deal with

Background - Ive had a G751JY ROG laptop for a year. Bought it brand new. A couple months after I bought it, the keyboard malfunctions (I take care of my electronics and it was not my fault, it was a manufacturing issue) - so I sent it into ASUS and basically didn't have a laptop for a month. They return my laptop, with a different case, so all my labels (Nvidia,Intel,etc) on the cover were gone - the USB ports were filled with gunk, they didn't fix the bright pixel in the middle of the screen (even though I sent it in for the keyboard I asked them to fix it) - but at least the keyboard worked. At that point I knew this garbage company would never get another dime from me so I accepted what I was dealt and moved on.

Fast forward to yesterday - the batter light is blinking on my laptop - and even though its plugged it , the battery icon says "Plugged in, Not Charging" - when I click on the icon it mentions that the battery is discharging. Despite this, when I unplug it the screen dims and when I plug it back in , the screen brightens up as if it is charging and it doesn't seem to be losing charge when its plugged in. Its stuck at 89%. I WILL NOT send this piece of crap in and lose it for another month just to have those scum bags make matters worst.

My question is : If I plug in my laptop in its current state - Will it run as if its plugged in? (ie - Run games , etc at full power?). If I'm not losing performance over this then ill just keep it and move on - but if anyone else has this issue and they notice a performance loss (as if its not plugged it), can you please let me know so I can give them a piece of my mind.

thanks guys

To ASUS - Your products suck and so does your customer service. Screw you guys. You will never get a dime from me again, and ill make sure as many people know about the quality of your products from here on out. You should be ashamed of the way you run your business. I HAVE NEVER had issues like this WITH ANY OTHER COMPANY. EVER. AND I NEVER WILL. Screw your company and your business model.

Level 8
ok guys I did a quick search on the forums and I managed to find a fix

- Restart Laptop
- When ROG screen appears - hold down the power button until the battery light turns solid
- Restart

I found that on another post and it worked. Everything is back to normal. But why? What was the problem? does it mean my laptop will crap out soon even though its not even old? I'm tired of these hardware problems guys, I really am. Ive never gone through this type of sht before with any piece of electronics ive had

anyways- problem solved for now

Most people in my experience, including myself, agree that ASUS products and tech support are at best crap. I will be a frosty day for snowmen in hell before I buy another one. You've been warned. They used to have a good reputation, have some cool tech achivements and have a cult following (but then so does ISIS).