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Hwinfo64 & Afterburner

Level 7
Hello guys,
I am little confused about OSD for Hwinfo64 and Afterburner. Since Afterburner has its own OSD setting, why do we need Hwinfo64's configuration sensors? Are the temperature monitored differently for each, or is Afterburner simply using Hwinfo64's sensor? OR I'm completely wrong.

Hi AsusYoyo

Yeah Afterburner can use Hwinfo's readings, I made a little guide about it, at the bottom of my post click on "On Screen Display".

You don't need HWinfo to use Afterburner's on screen display, Afterburner uses Riva Tuner for onscreen display and has pretty much everything you need to see about your gpu including cpu temps, system ram usage and frames per second.

Level 14
more then one monitoring program and they will start ti pound on each other and give out miss reading on temps and so on.
always use ONE monitoring program.

Thank you for clearing that up! I've tested cpu temp on both OSD. Seems no differences except Hwinfo64 has a max temp recording, however when I was monitoring the current temp through out the test, it never passed 82c BUT the max temp reporting a high of 89-91. Weird but I'm pretty sure it's in the range of 77-83.