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How to see if my PC is vulnerable, and how to fix it

Level 7
I have an older ASUS motherboard, Maximus VIII Hero Alpha with Intel core i7 6700K processor.
I've been reading about the Intel ME vulnerabilities and must admit, I am totally lost.
Can someone PLEASE tell me how to check to see if my PC is vulnerable or not,
and ALSO what steps to take if it is. Please use laymans terms so that I can understand.
Step by step would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Level 13
You can download the tool from here
Most likely if you have not updated the BIOS and MEI drivers as well as windows updates you will be vulnerable.
Good network security prevails over all of that. If they cant get into the network they cant get to your machine.

Level 7
It says that I am vulnerable, but I have no idea what to do from here.
Can someone PLEASE walk me thru what to do and how to do it?

Level 13
acerzr2 Here Is The List Of Asus Products And A Fix ,Update Bios And MEI Drivers For Your Motherboard

toronto699 wrote:
acerzr2 Here Is The List Of Asus Products And A Fix , What Hardware Do You Own ?

Is a old list. (2017)
Learn, Play Enjoy!

Level 40

You can check (and update Intel MEI drivers + Intel ME firmware if your Intel ME is vulnerable) the Intel ME security of your motherboard from this thread :