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How to install ROG drivers and apps ?

Level 7
You download all the drivers and apps but how do you install them ?

Lets take the ROG Apex X ,and the Chipset drivers. When you unzip and open the file you set a file called "asus setup" but you also have a nother folder that is called "Install" and when you open that it has a file called "Asus Setup". Also there is a folder called "hotfix_64" which also has a file called "Asus Setup" in it ( these files are all applications )

Now lets look at the SATA ....., you have the folder called RST and within you have 2 folders called "Driver" and "Install" and both these have application files called "Asus Setup" . And the Driver another folder called 64 bit which has an application file called "asus install64"

Its just not Asus but Gigabyte that has this confusion with which "setup" file do you select.

Level 13
extract folder, open and run either ASUS setup or setup doesnt matter. No need to go pilfering through the sub folders.

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