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How to get compensation

Level 7
If i bought brand new laptop which is not working at all, and the service can not solve the problem, how do I get compensations and return my laptop for new

Level 7
In EU, 2 weeks after purchase you can just bringt it back to the retailer and have refund without any explanations.

If you are out of that period already, you have to prove to the retailer the occurence of the same failure for 3 times. Than ASUS will accept the refund.

If you bought it online via a shop where you cannot talk to anybody, you are screwed.

No idea how that works for other countries than EU. Hope that helps.

Check your regional warranty terms. It should be on the ASUS website for your region. In most regions the warranty states that ASUS will 'repair or replace at its discretion'.

It usually works this way: ASUS will make several attempts to repair the issue and failing that may elect to replace it. Replacements may be refurbished or (very rarely) new if ASUS does not have a refurbished unit available. So as the previous poster noted, if you want to ensure a new unit you need to exchange it with the retailer.
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