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How To Choose The Best Lining Fabric

The lining is always a great idea to give support to the garment and to give strength to the look. In case you have ever sewn a jacket or some lighter fabric then you must have looked at it in the end to determine the sewing quality. If you have the best coverstitch machine then it plays a great role in bringing out the beauty and look of your project. You can read best coverstitch machine reviews for more information.

A cover stitch machine makes sewing lining fabric easier

As a beginner, it must be a little complicated thing for you to pick up the right kind of lining and how to select it. If you are in the constant loop of confusion and you are looking for the right guidance then here we are with all the essential guidance you are looking for. Let’s have a look at it.

Silk Linings:

Silk is known as one of the most amazing and suitable fabrics for lining. You can choose any color you want and it will still look good whatever you are sewing. The feel and luxurious look will stay the same and the comfort after wearing it will be too high. If you will ever use a silk lining in any of your projects, especially like the jacket then it will look like a designer dress.

It’s suitable when you don’t want to add extra weight to your clothes and it can also provide a suitable structure for your dress. You can add silk lining to the quilted project as well for long-lasting support to any of your stitched pieces.

Satin Linings:

If you want to add a little substance to the dress or any project then, of course, I highly recommend satin linings. Along with the neutral colors you can also choose any of the colors and it will compliment your work. At the time of choosing satin linings, you must have good knowledge about the fiber because satin is available in a number of fibers like from rayon to silk.

Satin lining is suitable when you are working on gowns and long dresses to make them little support for the body. You should look at the fiber of the satin once you are about to buy any of them for the lining purpose.

Cotton Linings:

Cotton linings are the right kind of an option for all the sewers out there who are comfortable with the cotton material and they understand the handling of it too. The best thing about the cotton lining is that it’s lightweight and breathable. It is just not for body support but it’s also to add some pieces to your dress.

If you are sewing something like a summer dress or something casual then I personally prefer to choose cotton linings. You can prepare it in no time and you don’t have to apply certain tricks and tips to handle it. If you are looking for the right kind of sewing machine then read our top picks of best coverstich sewing machines at CraftsSelection for complete information, buyer guides, and reviews.

Helpful Guide: The Best Coverstitch Sewing Machines to Buy

Choose a good sewing machine for sewing

Polyester linings:

Polyester fabric is the most common and cheapest fabric in all for lining purposes. If you will ever look at common clothes with the lining then you can see most of them has a polyester lining because it’s easy to sew with the polyester lining. There are no hard and fast rules for handling purposes and you don’t have to apply several things to have control over it.

If you are preparing something like a low-budget project then you can use polyester lining because it depends on the budget and construction of the dress. If you want to invest more, then you can go for the higher budget and for the more upgrade linings.

Acetate Lining:

Acetate lining is another cool option when you don’t want to go for the polyester lining. It has more reliability than polyester and it’s less shiny. The color range of the acetate is quite wide as well as it’s available everywhere at suitable prices. The quality of the acetate is better and I recommend this fabric for the lining when you don’t want to go for the cheapest options but want to be within the budget.

More qualities of the acetate are that it’s breathable, comfortable, and resistant. These qualities of the acetate make it more long-lasting and reliable. Go for the acetate lining as it will make things quite easier and reliable for the future.

Stretch Lining:

You must have seen the several stretchy fabrics out there but they will not work with cotton or any silk linings. The stretch lining is suitable for the stretchy fabric so they can match up with each other and it’s soft in touch. It will make your dress comfortable as well as it will totally support the structure of the whole project if it’s in the stretchy fabric.

The best property about the stretch lining is that you don’t have to feel the weight on your body and it will adjust itself according to the dress type. All you have to be an expert in is sewing. You must know to join the ends of the fabric and how you can finish the work with cleanliness. You can also add stretch lining to the projects which are fancy and need structural support.


Without linings, any of your projects which include a fabric that requires support and strength will be useless. It’s essential to understand what kind of linings you should pick up for the right sewing and how they can give an amazing look to your work. Never forget to shrink the lining before starting sewing as after washing it will shrink and will ruin the appearance.

Any lining which is suitable according to the nature of the project will add pieces to your dress and after the lining, you can see the visible difference. Start sewing your project at the best sewing machine and you can visit Crafts Selection if you need more information about these sewing machines.

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