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How to disable AUTO-Brightness ?

Level 7
So today i just open up my laptop back panel to re-paste the thermal paste.

like 1 hour later, i undervolt, and tried some games later, I've noticed my screen will automatically change the brightness of my screen... which is very dumb.

how to disable this function? or is it just I fked up my gpu when i re-paste my thermal paste.. (I do wipe out the thermal paste on my gpu for a long time, using IPA and cotton buds) (i do it quite hard tho)

Is it really fked up on the gpu or is it only thermal paste problem on wrong spot or settings on my gpu problem ?

btw I've disabled the power saving mode on the intel so please dun teach me to do that

Level 7
oh nvm , I've done myself after a few updates and restart

right click > display settings and there's a check box for enabling / disabling screen brightness to change according to ambient light .