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How in the world was my request for help marked as spam?

Level 7

I don't know exactly where I posted it, but here is the link:

There was that notification saying it was marked as spam, and a link to submit an abuse report if I thought it was in error. However, the attempt to click on the link for that returned an access denied message saying I don't have sufficient privileges to perform that action. 

I'm baffled and confused. If you are a human, please read my post for help and tell me why it is marked as spam. This is incredible. I searched all over the internet for some help and found NONE. As I mentioned, this was basically my last resort.

I'm amazed that I got zero response, not even a welcome, and direction telling me I was in a completely wrong forum. Is this run specifically by Asus itself? I would then understand the total silence, since Asus no longer supports or even acknowledges the existence of my motherboard.




Thanks for that.