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How can I stop Keyboard from waking up laptop

Level 10
I have an ASUS Rogue Republic of Gamers with Windows 10 on board. For some strange reason (and weird also) I cannot stop the keyboard from waking the laptop out of sleep.
I've gone into Device Manager, Keyboard, Properties, Power Management and unchecked "allow this Device to wake the computer." I've rebooted the machine but this still does not stop the keyboard from waking the computer out of sleep.
I've gone into the BIOS but can see nothing there that gives me any option to overcome this unhappy problem. If you folks have got some advice or suggestions, I'm listening or is that looking.

Level 13
Sounds like you have done the correct steps.
Stupid question, why do you so desperately need the keyboard not to wake?
Personally on my all my Gseries machines disabling fast boot (aka hybrid hibernate), sleep, et al are among the very first things I do. Fast boot should be called fast joke and causes more problems than any time it may or may not save just because of what it is and how it works. 10 years ago when machines were not so fast, boot time on a stripped down OS took a minute or so from a blazingly fast 5200 rpm hdd that runs smooth as butter and completely silent and hibernate had not yet been renamed to fast boot these things were somewhat helpful. Since the addition of SSDs its a moot point. Ive always been in the habit of saving what Im doing and closing everything and shutting the machine down to cold state each and every time. Saves headaches in the long run like getting up and walking off, getting distracted, coming back several minutes later and your machine is asleep, waking up then going to open that word doc you had been working on for hours just to find it crashes and you didnt bother to save it because you were counting on the OS to do its thing, Yeah that saves A LOT of time! LOL.

One more thought is check your BIOS for any associated settings as to what is allowed to wake the machine. Some have it some do not.

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Level 10
Thank you for the reply. I would rather not have the keyboard wake the laptop for this reason. I have it in Sleep Mode and want it there. I'm working on my Desk and suddenly (and without warning) I brush the Keyboard and wake it. Let's face it, it's an emotional moment! Seriously, I just wanted it so the Keyboard can't wake it. I do not see anything in the BIOS for options so does this mean there is no way to stop the Keyboard from waking the computer?

Level 14
best way would be to ask in the notebook section to get the best ansver and quickest responce.

Level 10
Thanks KKN.