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Horrible Customer Service. G751JT

Level 7

My name is Trever Quenneville. I purchased a G751JT about a month and a half ago and about 2 weeks after owning it my touch-pad completely went out. I reinstalled the drivers, reinstalled the operating system. Contacted their customer support several times regarding the issue where they continued to have me factory reset the laptop. They finally came to the conclusion that the problem was a hardware related issue. Shortly after my hard drive went out due to bad sectors. My BioS would not even detect that the hard drive was installed.

They finally decided to give me a RMA to send it in. I live in florida so i ended up sending it into for repair via ground shipping to California where their repair facility is. This took approximately 6 days to get there and another 5-6 to repair and another 6 days to return to me. 2 days ago i recieved it. I opened it and it would not power on. I figured that battery is dead so i plugged in my charger and got it to power up. My OS immediately said the battery is not connected. I immediately called about the issue and they had me factory reset it and reinstall the drivers. This did not resolve the issue. As soon as the power source was unplugged the computer would shut right off.

The paperwork they sent to my stated that the repair file was on C:\test\test.txt. There was no such file about the tests they conducted on it before sending it back to me. I stated to the manager that i wanted the computer replaced with the same exact model and send back to me. She had an overnight fedex sticker sent to me and i send it back to the for another RMA. She said she would put the request in for it and expedite the repair process. I have not heard anything from them so i decided to call today. They told me that they were not replacing the laptop but they were going to repair it again and there was no time frame when the parts would come in to fix the "Battery is not connected" issue. I have my bachelors in IT and when hardware is changed the battery is disconnected. The battery is internal and i asked if i could just open it and reconnect it and they said they would rather me send it in.

I am currently in my masters program taking 4 classes and the only reason i bought this computer was to do my homework and take my programming classes and its been weeks i have been using a library computer or my government workstation at work that does not allow me to install the software i need for my classes?

Total i have spent around 8 hours between different supervisers and managers and have gotten nothing. What are the next steps i should take or who can i complain to get this resolved?

-Trever Quenneville