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Hopefully this will help someone else out...

Level 7
I'm moving up to an x299 chipset Intel board from an x99 STRIX ASUS RoG board; last year I bought an Asus RoG RX 480 STRIX gaming video card. However on my new build I bought an ASUS X299 WS Pro/SE workstation motherboard instead of a new RoG board. I bought it because I mainly do motion graphics with Adobe After effects, however now I am questioning my judgment. Not only is it more expensive than the x299 STRIX it is lacking in USB and Sata ports, as well as has incredibly long boot times. I am staging the board now with drivers before putting it my main case, however when I use the RX 480 graphics adapter, Windows boots to a black screen with only a mouse cursor, and there's no functionality at all except move the mouse cursor and invoke a shutdown with the power button. If I use a spare Nvidia card I can get to my desktop. I have the RX 480 drivers on my desktop waiting to be installed but they won't install with the nVidia card in and when I use the RX 480 I cannot reach my desktop to install.

So, unless somebody has some bright ideas I am going to assume the Asus RX 480 and the x299 WS Pro/SE are incompatible and cannot be used together. I would like to invest in an nVidia quadro P4000 workstation graphics card but at an $800 price tag it may be awhile. So, the point of my post is you cannot use these two components together in your system, unless you can get to a command prompt thru a remote computer and install the RX 480 drivers that way. I can't do anything on my screen but move the mouse cursor or force a shutdown with the power button.

So don't put these two devices together - x299 WS Pro/Se motherboard and ASUS RX-480 STRIX graphics adapter. If anybody else has a solution please, I'm all ears. I'm going to have to go with an older graphics card until I can afford the P4000

Moral of this post is, I should upgraded to an x299 STRIX RoG board instead of buying the WS Pro/SE board.

Level 9
Have You tried to boot into safe mode with RX480? It should allow You to install / re-install / test other versions of GPU drivers