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High ambient temperature gaming (laptop/desktop)

Level 7
Hello Experts,

My ASUS N550JK laptop overheats during extended gaming sessions (only when room temperature is high!), it's 2+ years old already, but the problem isn't new.
According to the manufacturer's documentation, the device should operate in an environment with an ambient temperature of 5C to 35C, and it does, when idle of course.
35C gaming has some side effects. It is not a repasting or a dust problem (a cooling pad is in use as well). I simply can't expect normal CPU/GPU temperature when lists 93C on the CPU in a 24C room.

What could be the solution?
I'm thinking about getting an ASUS G752VY, the cooling system is much better, but TDP is higher:
i7-4700HQ 47 W
GTX 850M 45 W
i7-6820HK 45 W
GTX 980M 125 W

Does anyone have experience with the G752VY running in a sauna? will it work? lists good temperatures for GPU/CPU, yet they tested it server farm conditions.

My plan B? a desktop, as much as I want to avoid that. I'm always on the move, moved 10+ times in last 10 years already. I'm a minimalist, all my stuff fits in my car.
A desktop also requires a MONITOR 😞 and many cables, and a keyboard...
i7-6700K 91 W
GTX 1080 180 W
Corsair 240 case, this is a nice example:
What do you think? And i don't mind the mighty Noctua industrialppc 3000 fans or/and a radiator.

by the way, I noticed people use radiators for the CPU, yet only the stock cooling for the GPU, why not the other way around??? the TDP of the GPU is higher...

Please share your opinions (laptop/desktop/radiators/airflow/cooling), no custom loops please, these are not nomad friendly, pipes might burst while in transit. No sub ambient cooling please, that has additional side effects i'm not willing to deal with.


Level 14
for transport/moving i would never recommend WC since one need some deal of radiator space inside a case, and a 900D would be the case to use if so.
non OC'd component can be ok for one 120mm fan slot per component, and for OC'd component you have to take 2x 120mm fan slot to cool it, this is radiator space needed.

i added a founders edittion GPU in there just so you could see what price example it would come on in the end.
since none of the others had enny price tag on them.

thats a full PC setup example , exept bd/dvd rom and keyboard and mouse ( dont have to be top of the line ), but for insaling OS or iso files you can always use a USB pin drive and "burn" the iso on kinda like a cd burner does.

i do not know what games you play so i added a 24" g-sync monitor ( 144hz ).

added windows 10pro ( to take advantage for manual network setup and option witch you cant do on normal version and memory )

i took a closed loop cooler, but you can go in and choose what ever you want, im not shure about clerance from roof to motherboard inside that case.

took a fully modular PSU ( you will know why when you start plugging things in ).

i chose the i5 witch is more for gaming, and the i7 have hyper treading on it witch the i5 does not have.
it all depends on what you are going to use it for ( CPU ) if you need hyper treading or not, it all depends on programs++.

i did pick a m.2 drive hence of speed for OS and a 1tb ssd for games and what not.

I would say that a cooling system is advisable because It could be that the cpu fan has been blocked or no longer working. This fan is used to remove excess heat from the computer . That's so far is the best solution that I can think about a gaming laptop that overheats.