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Helpful contacts from US e-Store team?

Level 7

Hi All,

Long-time ASUS fan (since my first P2B mobo in 1998) but first time posting here, trying to get some help with an ASUS US e-Store issue.

My online orders keep getting canceled due to what I've been told is an error on the verification provider side (causing "verification discrepancy") no matter what payment method I use. I know that everything that I enter (name, address, etc) is correct and have I never run into this problem anywhere else having made hundreds (if not thousands) purchases online.

A year ago, when this happened for the first time, I spent countless hours chatting and speaking with customer service reps, escalating it, and even reached the office of the CEO team that helped me place an order "manually" via an invoice. I was also told that the problem had been resolved and that the orders should go through. Unfortunately, it seems that the problem persists as my order from two days ago got canceled again.

The regular chat/phone/email agents do not seem to have much visibility into what actually happens and just send me in a loop. I was wondering if anyone here have any suggestions about reaching someone knowledgeable who is actually willing and able to help get to the bottom of the problem and solve it once and for all?

Would appreciate any help and suggestions!