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Help with Signature / Avatar

Level 8
Hi all... I am new here and want to have my signature show up in my posts. I have created it and saved it in my settings and it's on my profile page correctly but it will not show up in my posts. Is there a post number target that I have to reach before it shows up?

Also, in my settings under edit avatar it will not let me undo the bullet that is checked on "do not use an avatar". How do I undo that so I can upload my avatar?

Thanks for the help!!

Edit: Don't know had this happened LOL. My signature just started showing up right after I created this thread. It was not there 5 minutes ago 🙂 Now if I can get the avatar to work I am set.
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Level 9
Thanks for this info. I can't edit mine either and I guess its because I'm new to this forum. I have been using Asus motherboards only for 20 years though lol.
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Level 7
Thanks for this info 🙂

Level 7
I am in the same boat. New user with no "custom avatar" settings.

Level 7
Thanks for this info newbie here