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***HELP*** Asus Sabertooth Z170 MARK error on PCIE 1 overheating

Level 7
Hi all,

My PC will not boot to windows lately.

Asus Sabertooth Z170 MARK has a temperature problem

I get a temperature MB error, MB is fine and not too hot. It is the PCI-E 1 slot that is on 116 to 120 C degrees. It's the slot where my GPU is in. I reslotted the GPU. Hoped it was a malfunction for the of the thermal probe. I still think the thermal probe is broken.

Opened up de PC nothing smells weird or feels hot to the touch. I mean 120 c would emit a lot of heat that I would be able to feel.

I raised the max temp on the slot to max 130 C.

Does anyone have a solution?

I read it could be the probe calibration on my MB. Only found a few incidents... all related to Asus motherboards. Seems you cannot recalibrate probs. Guessing I never buy Asus boards again.

But if there is a solution am happy to try it and not be forced to buy a new motherboard.
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