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Gpu perf limiter

Level 7
In rog gaming center i have this NVIDIA GPU PERF LIMITER and i don't know what it is or what it dose and is always on UTILIZATION and i can't change it. Can some one explain what it is what it dose and if i can chage it from UTILIZATION?

Level 7
Its Nvidia's adaptive power management.

Mine is always stuck on Power and causes my games to lag worst than my old computer. Does yours switch to Power and get stuck there after your laptop comes back from sleep or is idle?

Mine is switching mostly between Utilization and Power. I am not sure it is the reason of my fps drops on PUBG, but could be. Is there any way we can set this Perf Limiter in a mode for good ?

I believe that is only supposed to be informational, not a setting. If I understand correctly that is telling you what the limiting factor is. So Power would mean it is hitting a power limit. You would want to make sure Windows is set to High Performance and for laptops that you are plugged in. Utilization would mean no power or thermal limits so that would be good.
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