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GPU memory clock is too low - something wrong with BIOS?

Level 7


Using BIOS the latest version 315, I see that GPU memory clock is too low compared to official 1060 6GB Mobile (Notebook) spec.

None of both matches to the official 1060 6GB Mobile memory clock of approximately 8000 MHz.

Rather, it is shown as half or a quarter of the official spec.

I know that DDR of GDDR5 stands for Double Data Rate, but I still wonder why that GPU-Z shows just quarter of it if it should be doubled.

And also default and boost clocks are different from official spec (1404/1670).

Is this normal, or something wrong with my BIOS update.. etc?

* I've not manipulated my GPU setting for any purpose like overclocking or whatsoever.

* All the drivers including Windows 10 are up-to-date.

Level 7
Does it change under load ?

Sydneyblue wrote:
Does it change under load ?

Those screenshots are taken while running a game.

A real issue is that I always feel like my GU501 has lower performance compared to other brands' laptops which are equipped with the same specifications (at 1080p resolution).

Maybe a solution found, but not sure yet.

It seems changing Windows 10 power mode from 'Best performance' to 'Better performance' helps relieve the performance issue by reducing overheat and thermal throttling.

But I need to test and observe more.