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GPU blocks RGB display on motherboard

Level 7
Satisfied with my system I have had it several months now but it irritates me that my GTX 1080 ti Strix pasees right over the RGB decorative block on my Asus Maximus Hero X motherboard. Cannot really see much of it at all except for a small portion below the GPU. Seem slike a bad place to put it when designing the mother board parallel to the top PCIe slot. The top one is the x16 slot..bottom is x8 I believe. So I don't want to use the bottom slot. My rear cooling fan also covers most of the RGB strip on the rear I/O block so not much of my RGB lighting is coming from my motherboard.

Level 13
Go water cooled! Very thin.
Seeing how Aura doesnt work I dont even care and mounted my GPUs vertiacally and put strips in them I can control with Ique softweare.