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Goodbye ROG

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Hello ROG community members,
I wanted to inform everyone that tomorrow will be my last day at ASUS and Raja@asus will be the new admin. So please dont PM me because it wont be answered. I will be going to a green gaming company(hint: snakes) Anywho.. i just wanted to say it was a blast working at ASUS and developing ROG, its events and community/campaigns. I've learned so much here and feel a lot has been accomplished, but this is just a small stepping stone for ROG and a lot of cool things will come in the near future.

I would personally like to thank TeamROG as none of this would not have happened without them. I would like to thank V2-V3 for really helping me build this community from the ground up and going to all of our LAN events to help out. V2-V3 and Chew have also helped develop our ROG overclocking events and could not have been done without them. I think North America ASUS has put on more overclocking activities in 1 - 2 years than any other manufacture. At least from what i could see, we had OC demos at pretty much every LAN event or major gaming event we have gone to, and we've gone to A LOT. 2 of our OC events were a huge success and its all because of V2-V3 and Chew. I would like to thank Darthbeavis for his awesome case mods and helping to build its awareness within the community, thanks to the nemesis for all the event support, id like to thank Otto for putting in a LOT of time to help build what i feel is a SUPER STRONG folding team. Can you believe within a year and a half we are ranked #79? Thanks to Xeromist and Kip for all the support, thanks to chastity for building up the G series support, thanks kaboom for all the gaming support, thanks Brian.Y for coming out to our events.

Lastly id like to thank this community for turning ROG into what it is today. I truly love ASUS products not because im a fan boy or i am biased because i work here, but the passion that goes behind the scenes for this company is strong and i really admire that.

PEACE OUT!:cool:

Goodbye hope u enjoy ur new job 🙂

Level 18
To Brian : Never GoodBye... but, until we meet again...

... Our Brother.
... May you always find Better than you Seek.
... May you only find Victory in each of Your FootSteps.c.

Level 7
Good luck Brian!

Level 7
Sad news!! but good luck in the future.
P.S. this is my first post in ROG forum.

Level 10
Goodluck man! hope you enjoy ur new job, will miss you here at asus. I still see brian having folding contests there as well haha.

Hope for the best of luck with ya, and I am sure ur going to be missed heavily by everyone here.

Level 9
Peace! I will see you soon I am sure! Have a nice drive!! 🙂
"I would rather be gaming!"