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GeForce Experience went wrong (Services)

Level 7

i've did a stupid one.
The application GeForce Experience told me (pop-up screen) to update my videocard.
When the application was starting he said: Something went wrong. Try restarting GeForce Experience.
I did, without results.
This error message occured since i've open 2 sessions of GeForce Experience.

So i began to search on the internet how i can solve this problem. And then i found a YouTube tutorial for the exact same problem. (See below topic)
i've followed this whole video en did this also on my own PC, after he ask to restart the PC.
Since then i can't go on my desktop again.. 😞

PC starts and i see the Windows logo with the loading circle under it.
After that he needs to show the credentials pop-up (Password or Pincode), between this two the screen came black with a white mouse, sometimes there is a loading picture. Thats it..

My motherboard shows me the code 'A0' wich seems good..
• I've started my PC already several times, also in safe mode. Between windows logo and login pop-up i've got black screen. Whats really weird in safe mode also???
• I have also been on the Recovery menu for a checkpoint restore or something. Your system files and settings were not changed i received.
• Also the problem solver doesn't work.

i've also checked for problem with my SSD card (where my OS is installed), this with a live CD, and the program CrystalDiskInfo.
There seems nothing wrong with my SSD. Another HDD got a bad healty (but on this HDD are only game files (FIFA, Assassins Creed, Formula) Nothing of Windows file..

This is the video i followed, after restart i can't go back on my desktop.
Video tags: services.msc - msconfig - GeForce Experience

Hopeful that someone can help me..

Level 40
What are your system specs?

Do you have a spare drive you can install windows on. If worst comes to worst make a fresh install on another drive and then get your files off your current OS drive.

Virtually all the comments on that video say it doesn't work by the way

Level 14
I would try to get into windows safe mode and uninstall Gforce Experience and leave it uninstalled. Uninstall the current Nvidia driver which will load the standard VGA Driver t and allow you to open Windows in normal mode. Reinstall the Nvidia driver from your eSupport folder that should get you up and running again. Drivers for your Notebook/MB Asus Support Download
In case you no longer have an Esupport folder?
GeForce Experience causes all kinds of issues so don't reinstall it.

Get Macrium Reflect and create Partition C and OS Disk/SSD Images. Then you are ready to experiment again. a Full disk'SSD image takes about 15 minutes to restore and put you right back where you were when you created the Image. before you screwed up your notebook!!!
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