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Gaming pc - crash test required for amateur

Level 7
Okay guys,

I want to keep this short. So I needed a new PC; old couple basic units began failing and became outdated.

So I needed a new comp; I asked a friend for advice and over months our discussions led me to purchase computer parts (top of the range) and eventually I ended up buying and building a top of the range PC.

Now the problem....

Originally I just wanted a PC to do my uni work and ideally wanted something fast (startup, internet) etc. but then my friend began convincing me to purchase these parts and build a super fast computer. So now it is close to 3 yrs the PC is running although I did used to get the odd
RAMPAGE V EXTREME MOTHERBORD b1 error code (and other codes), monitor no signal. Hence I will probably need to know what to do with it as I believe I only have done a temporary fix.


I really don't know what to do with this machine. Like I have it and I don't think I am making the most of it and neither do I know how to.

I ain't a tech freak and do not know much about overclocking; apart from it improves performance. And upon startup when you go into BIOS all these settings people talk about etc. I don't know what all of this is; stuff that is computer/gaming heaven for the pc geek. So my question is:

- How can I make the most out of this build and optimise its usage and purpose?

- I have played a few games just to see their graphics but if anybody wants to recommend some for this machine or any feel free

- My machine makes a lot of noise. Is this normal? I mean when I am just using internet and surfing upon start up it just has a loud noise, even though I am using basic functions. Anyway to quiet it down? I feel this may be uneconomical for basic functions i.e. may be using more electricity, energy etc. What are your thoughts?

- I do not understand all this overclock jargon and neither do I understand the computer graphical display that shows the clock;fans etc. as well as precision X and what this software does.

So can somebody please help a clueless, lost soul into finding his purpose regarding his pc? :confused:

- So hence the name in the title; GAMING PC - CRASH TEST REQUIRED FOR AMATEUR......

Thanks all for your time,

Hope to hear from you soon; 😮