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g74sx fan noise

Level 7
Greeting, I'm from bulgaria, I bought g74sx in August 2011 while I was in the US, I ordered it from a reliable internet site (similar to exoticpc, which I cannot remember now) and I received it there. The laptop has been working marvelously until now. There is a loud noise from one of the cooling fans and it definitely need to be replaced as fixing is not possible (the 2 cooling fans for g74sx are sealed and cannot be opened to grease*/oil* it (not sure of the word here)). I opened the laptop and cleaned every single part of it inside (probably voiding the warranty), it had overheating issues as the temperature was going up to 98 gr. C. under full load, now after 3/4 hours of cleaning disassembling and assembling it does not go above 65 gr C. and everything's working as it should but I was not able to fix the fan's noise as they are sealed, so the loud constant buzzing noise remains. I haven't registered the Asus warranty registration card yet and havent mailed it to that address in the US (i'm in bulgaria now) as it says and I don't know whether it is worth doing it now in order to get a new pair of fans, since i've opened it once. Do you have any suggestions, tips?