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Frustrating Update to ASUS' Support / Drivers & Tools Page

Level 7
The website was recently updated which I frequent regularly and much to my dismay, the release dates of drivers/tools are no longer included which makes makes no sense and frustrating to not see when it was released. I don't think we have our versions memorized! Anyone know why this was changed or if I'm completely missing something?

Here's a look at before the update back in November:

Here's what the website reflects now:

Absolutely bring them back*

Level 8
I tried to raise this phenomenon in:

alas it was in the wrong place and it got moved to nowhere.

Also why do we have to put in board ident when the link to the board is already opened?

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Level 9
Hi community,

It appears as ASUS have completely removed the date marks of their support page uploads of BIOS/Driver/Utility.
I personally find it exteremly hard to keep track of what is new and what is old, and they can't expect us to re-verify the version each item just to understand whether the upload is new or not (who will remember what he last checked?).

I have already mailed them about it, and they simply replied that this is how its going to be from now on.
As far as i know, this is the first company that have dropped date marks off their support page uploads, and obviously it has a massive customer experience impact.

If you feel the same, please put some pressure from your end by mailing them about this item as well:
This mail is what I get when opening tickets though it might change based on region (perhaps it would be better to open a ticket).



This is due to be added back to the site within a few weeks.
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Thanks Silent.

The last word I got from some ISR representive is that its there to stay, though this is re-assuring.

Level 11
Last time I checked for newer drivers was before the site went down for upgrades. Just tried checking to see what drivers are available and theres no dates on them. I'd normally check for updates first week of a month as I refuse to install ACrate to find out what drivers I have because it screws with my fan profiles. I uninstalled it because the 'Save' and 'Backup' function is useless if you change a single fan or do a fresh OS install as it doesn't work then. Been like that since Dec 2021 when I pointed that out. You know one of the common things suggested when troubleshooting hardware issues. Thus I found alternate software I can Manually back up.

Whats the best way to check to see if I need to update drivers without installing Acrate?

Yeah, it's annoying. An ASUS/ROG staff person on the Discord said the dates should be returning soon.

Murph_9000 wrote:
Yeah, it's annoying. An ASUS/ROG staff person on the Discord said the dates should be returning soon.

That is a relief to hear. No one wants to have to dig through Device Manager properties to double check version numbers when they just know they last installed drivers last month.

Level 9
thanks this seems to be resolved now!