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Forza Horizon 3 free

Level 7
I am hoping someone can assist, i purchased a ROG laptop just a few days ago. I came across this link: But i can't find any info on how to redeem it. I have reached out to Amazon and they seem to have no idea what i am taking about.

Is this even valid? Any ideas?

Edit: Sorry, after reading, the title is click baiteyish.....



Level 9
There's also the get Watch Dogs 2 free promotion that was going on, but from my experience you must buy a laptop in special packaging to qualify for any of those. On the other hand, ASUS seems to provide special via customer support redemption exclusive to several countries (SEA/Pacific, none in USA/EU).

If you did not receive a clear coupon code/redemption instructions with your laptop, it doesn't mean that it doesn't qualify. It simply means your product is not a part of any promotions, in other words those are N/A.
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