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Forum went crazy

Level 8
Hi all,

In the last few days I'm getting non-stop subscription posts emails that even after I removed all, I'm still getting them. Anyone else? What happened to the forum?

Yeah, I am getting notifications for PMs I received months ago. No idea what is going on.
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Level 13
Me To , Any One Want To Trade PM's HA HA

Level 8
I deleted all my subs and disabled any emails from my profile, but i think it was just a push from the server after not sending for a while, as if something was clogging the flow.

Level 7
I had heard squat from anyone with regards to messages I had sent over the last two weeks and then boom ten messages in my inbox from the ROG forums which when checking the site the previous night just weren't there must have some beavers up in those message servers.
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Level 11
They probably finally got the Cron's working and it's catching up 🙂 This forum has had many process and authentication issues for a few months now. It's been pretty good lately for me 🙂
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