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FatherASUS ... no no no ! Sirs.

Level 18
I personally love the ZenBook. I believe that the ZenBook and Tranformer Prime Series is pure genius.
I can see ROG'n in The Cloud ... one day.
... but.


.... no actual hummingbirds were injured in the filming of this ad ... well, this one wasn't ... we believe.
... please, no no no.
With all due respect.

ummm ... yum ... one day.c.

Level 11
If you ask me it's a bad Photoshop trick..... but when I see this add it may me think "are they eating raw bird " was not supposes to be fly they catch with shop stick in movies ?

Level 9
Hmmm not such a nice and smart advertisement from ASUS if this is true.
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16GB Team Xtreem DDR3 PC3-20800 2600MHz (11-11-11-28-1)
l Coolermaster Silentpro 1000w PSU l Revodrive3 ssd l WD Raptor 150Gb (10000rpm) l Corsair H100 wc with 4 Cougar Vortex fans l CM HAF 932 Avanced case l Acer X243H 24'' l Asus RT N66U Dark Knight l Logitech Z2300 speakers

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Level 40


Hungry anyone?
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HiVizMan wrote:


Hungry anyone?

ah you just find the secret recipe; they don't flock the chicken....

Level 18
in all fairness to Asus .. I dont know if this is an official ad or some form of fan art.. but i think it is a perfect example of what NOT to do in an advertisement.

There is another one of a giant fly ... even less ... tasteful.

KFCnuggets ?? Id need a bucket of those on my way to get something to eat. More civilized....*censored*.
( Due to certain sensitivities in a global format I will only add this ... if it has a face, its butt probably belongs on a plate.)
... hummingbirds ? .. i only like the tongue.c.

Level 13
Thank you HiVizMan but I'll Pass, I'm a Fish fan and LOVE Tuna Tacos!

Level 18
... raw .. hold the chips and cheeeeeeze....