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Fans at 100% limitation

Level 7

One small issue i'm having with the fan curves and Crosshair 7 Hero (WiFi) is that my fans are Noctua NF-F12 3000RPM and they are loud, sure i really dont need to have them but i have them, 6... of them in my case, in push pull config with H150i PRO in between.

Before i had 2700x so i limited the fans to 20% (minimum allowed in the BIOS) and i left them at 20% till the CPU reaches something like 60-70c and then fans would ramp up to 100% really fast and that's for safety i assume but with the 2700x the CPU never reached 60-70c, max would be 55c while rendering with Arnold in Maya and in games i would be sitting around the 45c mark.

Now i have 3900x, and while in games i'm still hovering at 45-50c, in rendering the CPU would go up to 75-80c and the fans really quickly ramp up to 100%.
I get that this is by design but the cpu is fine to do what it dose, and i would like to have a curve where the fans stop at like 50% and never go any higher.

Can i change that in bios or is there a software that i can try?

Thanks in advance.

Level 7
Funny, as soon as i posted this i found the solution.

Remover the temp limit in Fan Xpert and you gain control for the whole range of the fan (0-100%), so now my fans ramp up to 40% when rendering and the CPU temp stabilized at 75c. On idle the fans are at 20% and i can't hear them at all, just like before.