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European Zephyrus g15 Laptop Prizes are utterly offensive

Level 7
Since new ROG laptops are about to launch, I checked what the European resellers had to offer, given that on Bestbuy their new Zephyrus g15 with 5900HS and 3070 is available for 1799 USD.

Well, let me check the German market, oh yeah, there are a couple listed, FOR NUTTING 2.200 EUROS WITH AN RTX 3060!?!?!?!?!!?!?

Oh wait, in the US, apparently, their white moon laptop is 500 more expensive, and comes with 32 GB of RAM.

In Europe, there isn't even such a distinction, you can get the same notebook with an rtx 3060 and white color for the same price.

When we go up to 2500 Euros, then we can get the white one with an RTX 3070 yay, but also in white or black with 16 GB of RAM and then finally for 2.700, you'll get the 32 GB version.

Now thank you Asus. Like what are you trying to communicate in Europe?

I think I'm gonna get one from the US from bestbuy once it is available again.

Do I get international warranty?

I don't see my self paying more for less hardware features, even after Import taxes, I get the the laptop for 1800 Euro while in Germany, I'd have to pay 2.500.

Amazing Asus, good job, keep doing this and nobody will buy a laptop from you in the EU.