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eSports Fan? Win A Trip Of A Lifetime With ROG & Blizzard!

Level 15
ROG and Blizzard are giving our worldwide fans the chance to win the trip of a lifetime to watch the World Championship final in Shanghai on November 17 and 18!

The World Championship (BWC) will bring to a riveting conclusion Blizzard’s 2012 StarCraft II World Championship Series, which comprises more than 30 national and continental tournaments around the world, and the World of Warcraft Arena global finals. Blizzard gamers and eSports fans will be able to witness some of the most skilled pro players on the planet in action as they battle it out at the World Championship for glory, cash prizes, and the title of undisputed world champion.

We're looking for two individual eSports fans to be the face of ROG at the event and present daily updates from the event (we'll provide the video team). You can present in whatever language you prefer. ASUS will cover the flights, hotel and tickets to the event!

How to Enter
1) Shoot a 60 second video (no more!) in any language of yourself presenting two topics:
a) Why should ROG pick you to go to BWC?
b) What do you feel ROG offers gamers?

2) Videos can be shot on smartphones, webcams, laptops or tablets and edited using free software such as Windows Movie Maker. The ROG team will choose the winning entry based on passion, presenting skill and answers to the above questions (rather than video quality).

3) Upload the video to YouTube

4) Then post a link in this thread!

The competition will be closed and the winners will be picked on 29th October.

Please Note: Before entering be sure to confirm whether you need/can get a tourist visa to China before November 15th.

Level 10
No phone, no good video camera and no webcam here so im out.
Also camera shy

Kinda surprised no one entered already, maybe a little more complex then you thought to enter? XD.
As well as some of the rules like VISA needage ect. lol

Level 15
Well can't help it's in China and they need a visa 😞

We set the entry barrier quite high to encourage those who really want to go to have a fully paid experience 😉

Hey guys!

Here is my submission for the ASUS ROG & Blizzard 'Win a trip to BWC Finals' Contest!
(As you can tell, I had never edited a video in my life before... haha!)

It looks like I am the first one to enter the contest (which is quite surprising) but I am super excited for this opportunity. I am a 22 year old Canadian graduate student and I have been following competitive gaming for as long as I can remember. I have a long and drawn out history in eSports (starting back in 2005, when I was a journalist for organizations such as Check6Gaming, X3O Gaming, and SK Gaming) - and if you ask anyone who knows me, I live and breathe this thing on a daily basis!

StarCraft 2 is my current game of choice (as can be seen from my Twitter @hydrolis) and I'm also a former WoW player. I can't thank ASUS ROG and Blizzard enough for this wonderful opportunity. Good luck to my fellow contestants!

Also, getting a VISA to China as a Canadian citizen will not be an issue and it can be done very easily given these timelines (I've already confirmed this).

Hello , so im the second one,although i dont have yet ROG products, im still the fan , and its count XD.

MarshallR@ASUS wrote:
Well can't help it's in China and they need a visa 😞

We set the entry barrier quite high to encourage those who really want to go to have a fully paid experience 😉

Id love to go, but hey I really dont like video recording myself haha. also no job atm to support my craving if I got picked and headed to china, id buy too much stuff. XD

Level 7
If ever the rules change to something like "prices are convertible to ASUS ROG hardware".. I'll definitely make a video right now hahaha! 😛
Got no VISA, no time go leave work as well..
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They say third time's a charm so here's my submission, third in order!

I'll just add that i'm a recovering wow-addict and getting a Visa to China from Finland is possible in 5 days. I can also do videos in Finnish. The video tells you the rest 🙂

Best of luck to everyone!
eSports are the only sports.

Level 15
Thanks for all the effort and entries so far guys!

I'm actually amazed at how little people care about these kind of contests. These are the best! By the way, if one does a video in f.ex. Finnish, does he provide the video updates from China in Finnish too, or is English required in those?

Edit: oh yeah read it a few times over and understood 😄
eSports are the only sports.