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downgrade windows 10 pro to windows 7

Level 7
please help po im using rog 751jt and i upgraded to windows 10 pro and i want to downgrade this because some of my game are incompatible like red alert cant be played on fulls screen and also i just want to use windows 7 or 8.1 . it comes already in 8.1 but when i try recovery and install windows 8.1 i always get windows 10 pro still please help me po

Level 13
My Advice, move on and ditch what doesn't work. If the software is so old it wont work with Win 10 its just time to find a new game to play.

Pretty much anything that works with 8.1 (which I personally DESPISE) will work with Win 10. Ive found no exceptions. Win 7 will give you nothing but problems as the machines drivers were made for Win 8.1 and later.

How long ago has it been since you upgraded? Did you do an in place free upgrade?

If its been longer than 30 days you cant just roll back. If its been less and you havent ran disk clean up and the windows.old file is still there you can roll back easily. Im not going to repeat whats been done so here is a link IF it's not been more than 30 days and IF you haven't deleted the file.

If its been longer your only choice is to either buy a win 8.1 (dont do 7 unless you want A LOT of driver issues) or contact asus support and beg and plead, especially if you are outside of the warranty window. They will put the original image back on for a fee, there are no recovery disks.

This is why I ALWAYS advocate to buy a new drive when you buy your machine and clone the original to the new drive and put it away the original for safe keeping. If you had done this it would be as simple as putting the original back in, wiping the new one, cloning the original again and you would be back to square one in about 30 minutes or less. That replacement drive costs less than any PITA you will have to endure down the road............JUST LIKE YOUR ISSUE! Saving the original also allows you yo just pop it back in as is should you need to send the machine in for service so you don't have to delete and wipe all your pRon........uh.........sensitive files.

I I also advocate to do a full and complete back up of the original image before you do anything else. Install your back up software and make a back up to disk, to the cloud, to a NAS to a JUMP drive but make a back up!

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awwwwwwww been too long already maybe i just need to install windows 8.1 and retain my windows 10 so i can run 2 windows thank you for your fast response ah i should never upgrade to windows 10 haha all games are graphics rendering but i just want to play 2d games haha all my 2d rendering games i have had been deleted like witch 3 vice city 5 .just want to play red alert and battle realms haha

i think that you should post for the problem not for the whole windows because I'm sure that there are solutions for your problems and the windows 10 has many features, and for the downgard the best solution is reinstall the windows 7 from DVD or USB to avoid problems

Wait... so anyone who owns a ROG laptop that came with Windows 8/8.1 cannot go back to it after switching to the free Windows 10 upgrade that was given if they have been using it for longer than 30 days? I hope that's not the case O_O;

Edit : the link says Microsoft has started offering easy downloads for 7/8/8.1 ISO files... so as long as you still have the valid product key that came with the machine you will still be able to revert back anytime, right?