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Does anybody know the ROG GT51CA Release Date & Price Range?

Level 7
Hi everyone!

Pleasure to meet y'all! If I may inquire, does any of the members/admins know when will ASUS release a price for their new
ROG GT51CA desktop gaming pc? Oh and if any of you has seen the video about the product, did they use a Maximus VIII Extreme for the motherboard or was it a deluxe?

Sorry for the noob questions, I'm not really that good with hardwares >.< (self-learning through readings atm)

Thanks in advance!

Level 13
its a hybrid Asus board no release date yet Price in the video below $1800 to $4000 depending on configuration The GT51 driver page is up so the release date should not be long in coming

Thanks so much!

I wish ASUS will release an official update soon! I'm so excited for this one!

Edit: What Hybrid Asus Board is it?

Level 13
The Motherboard chip set is Intel® Z170. The motherboard Intel® Core™ i7 6700K (Overclocked up to 4.6 GHz) the overclock max is 4.6 GHZ, its a hybrid board because the overclock is set to a max and cannot be changed.
I have an Asus G30AB now my over clock is 4.1 GHZ from 3.5 GHZ My G30Ab mother board just says Asus G30AB , the GT51 will prob say Asus GT51MB {motherboard}
Usually once the driver page is released its about a month or more before u will see it in retail shops . perhaps Bahz our forum moderator knows when the release date is PM him if u like

Oh!! Now I get it! Thanks so much!!

Level 7
Nvidia is announcing their new video card lineup in two days. I wonder if Asus will update the video cards offered with this new system before it's even released...crazy that it's taking so long.

Level 7
Two weeks later...still waiting! <---Getting my money in a month if Asus doesn't step up

Level 7
Two weeks later...still nothing.

But wait, Asus released another computer to the market...yet still hasn't started selling the GT51CA!?!?!

Level 13
Yes Asus release of the G31 with GTX 1080 options but the GT51 will not have a GTX 1080 option, someone in another thread said GT51 was on the Asian market place but I could not find any info if that's true
The G31 will be the Killer of the GT51 without GTX 1080 option

Level 13
found pre order but its in Asia / Singapore

Pre-order Promotion from 18 May – 19 June:

GT51CA-SG001T, $7,498 (incl. GST): Free ROG monitor (worth $1,459)

GT51CA-SG008T, $4,298 (incl. GST): PWP - 50% off ROG monitor (Usual SRP $1,459)


Pre-order Promotion from 18 May – 29 May:

GT51CA-SG002T, $3,498 (incl. GST): Free X-Men drawstring bag (worth $70), 1-for-1 X-Men movie passes* (worth $11) and Free ROG Hoodie (worth $119
this is Singapore dollars Ill take one please GT51CA-SG001T and 1 Rog Hoodie