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Do you problems: X299 Seriews Motherboards using G Skill Ram and 3006 Bios

Level 7
Anyone else reporting problems using an x299 series motherboard, GSkill Ram and the 3006 Bios update ?

Level 7
Asus Prime x299 Deluxe 2
G.Skill RAM: Trident Z Series F4-3200C14 (4x8GB)
XMP on
Bios: 3006
Previous Bios: 0802

1) From a cold start machine will boot to a blank screen, after a hard reset it will then boot normally.
2) From a cold start with XMP off, machine will boot normally.
3) From a cold start, using 0802 Bios with XMP 0n, machine boots normally.

Having same issue - also happens when coming out of sleep mode - get error message on bios screen "Memory Detect" error.

This was happening before the 802 bios was released (at least in my experince) and was fixed with the release of the 802 bios (the best bios for this mb, imho.

Also have USB devices not being detected, blue screens that I never had before.

Level 8
I have Rampage 6 Extreme with G.Skill 64 GB Ram. Cold boot problems, Memory Detect error after sleep, dead usb ports after sleep. With Bios 3006. XMP on. Code AF and Code B0 are the common errors I get.

Personally, I am not seeing any problems with sleep, cold boot (after power was cut), warm boot (shut down, then turned on later). I have the Windows "fast startup" setting in Power Settings disabled (just in case it makes a difference for boot type).

G.Skill F4-3466C16Q-64GTZKK (XMP: on, no manual adjustments)

Please note, the RAM in use is listed in QVL.
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