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Do people really need lightbars removable caps?

Level 7
ROG laptops are expensive because of additional stuffs which are useless.

Lightbars underneath your laptop? Is your laptop's performance increasing if you turn it on? What is the purpose of this if you are looking at your screen and keyboard?

Removable chassis/cap? Do people request for this stuff? So what if your chassis is pink? Will adults be happy for this or children? Wonder why other company is not doing this in their laptops, it's a waste of time, effort and resources.

Are these stuffs free or are people paying for these?

This is the reason why TUF has better design than ROG.

TUF - more elegant and clean
ROG - more colorful and childish

Just focus on essential stuffs which are useful like making ROG screen glossy and OLED which is more beneficial for users and make their money worth.

Hope Asus engineers see this thread.