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Do laptop batteries die like this?

Level 7
Hello, yesterday (11th october 2020) i left my laptop battery at about 40 50% and turned it off. Today (12th) i came and wanted toturn on my laptop, but nothing, plugged it in and it started,when it booted the battery was at 0%, left it for a good amout of time and idk how many minutes/hours passed i saw it at 0%, later came back and 100% 🙂 , unplugged it and it fell to like 79 or 74 immediately, windows said i could use my laptop for about 33 mins? Yesterday i could do 2 hours normal use/~30 min gaming for sure. ( Max charge capacity yesterday was ~40wah, today 8-9 as powershell says... powercfg ) Is this the way our batteries die? Im confused.