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Diablo IV® Bundle not eligible when ordering from ASUS's Amazon US store

Level 7

I ordered a RTX 4070 May 19 in hope of being able to play Diablo 4 on the lunch day, but I still don't have a code. ASUS shipped the RTX 4070 10 days after I ordered it from their amazon US store (May 29) even though it was in stock. I got the card June 5th, after 1 week of shipping and filled the application form immediately after verifying the graphics card worked.

They finaly handled my Diablo 4 application today, but instead of getting the code, I got this message: "The application data is not eligible for this event - The product wasn't be purchased in the specific dealers". I ordered it from ASUS's Amazon US store, which at the time I ordered it had the Diablo 4 promotion banner and it is in the list of participating e-tailers/retailers on their own website:
In the application I uploaded the invoce, which clearly states it is ordered from

I have already written a email to ASUS to ask for the code because the application was wrongfully declined. Based on the fact that they haven't replied to the other email I send 3 days ago and it took them 5 days to wrongly handle my application, I don't think they will reply any time soon.

I'm writing this here in case ASUS will see it here faster than an e-mail and to inform you about my bad experince with ASUS.

Also posted here:


Level 8

I’ve recieved email from the marketing team and they said send the invoice to [email] without knowing what the email is 

This is the email I got from marketing:
Dear <My name>:

We are sorry to inform you, the product you have registered is not eligible for thie event.
Please contact the customer service for more information.
Thank you.
--end email--

I guess it is their support email they want you to contact.

I found the "The product wasn't be purchased in the specific dealers" reason here:

I just noticed the spelling mistake of "the" in the mail indicating some human might actually have spend time writing what I expected to be an automated messeage. I guees the process is a lot more manual than it should be, which might explain the long responce time

yes the same thing happened to me! The email message looked like this. We found out we did not receive the copy of your invoice, please provide a copy to the following address / email: [email] to complete your application.
Thank you.


Level 8

It's seems like no one monitor the email at all, tho i sent email through them week ago but still no reply

No. I got in touch with them on their live chat Saturday and they said they would send a code within 1-2 business days. I have not received it yet, so I contacted them again on live chat again a few minutes ago. The ETA is still 1-2 business days

u got the code?

Not yet. Amazon and ASUS say they will get back to me within 1-2 days when I contact their support, but they don't. Then I tried to contact them again multiple times with the same result. I have already wasted too much time on this, so if nothing happens this time I will likely give up

No, but I got 75 USD back from Amazon. You can see more details in the Reddit post I linked to in the original post