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diablo 4 redemption not progressing

Level 7

I am eligible for diablo 4 redemption with my 4080 purchase, applied promptly but status is still 'not deal with yet'... Even after sending emails to, there is no update, no communication whatsoever.... please help!!


Level 7

Same here 😠

Level 9

Same here.... 🤔


Level 7

I was just emailed by advising that I didnt purchase my card during the promotion period... I bought it 1st of June, last day of redemption is supposed to be 13th of June...

I have same problem as you. I purchase my card RTX 4070 Ti TUF 5 june  from amazon and received it  later. After i register with invoice and everything i can't get diablo 4 code... 

Got my key on the 26th of June! Yesss!!! 👍

Nice you are lucky i think. I got key from amazon and it doesn't work. I talk on support with nvidia and they told me key should be 24 digits while they send me a wrong one. I msg amazon back they still reply the same key over and over. I'm waiting from ASUS to see what they will say... This is really sad...

Enjoy your game ^^

Hi Prudens

I got mine directly from ASUS. I don't think Amazon will be providing it to you. (I am in Australia and followed the regional event T&C - Do check what your regional T&Cs are). Wish you all the best!