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MoKiChU wrote:

You don't need Samsung NVMe drivers if you use an Samsung NVMe PCIe 4.0 SSD because they currently use the Microsoft NVMe built-in driver.

I haven't tested the Microsoft version of the driver, stornvme.sys, for a few years but it used to have terrible performance. And as I mentioned, you can't run the Magician software to benchmark the drive and do firmware updates without using the Samsung driver.

I would not run a Samsung NVMe drive without their driver.. I would not even buy an NVMe drive unless it had an OEM driver..

Make sure we are keeping NVMe drives which are being operated in a SATA environment different from an NVMe drive being operated in its natural environment. The Intel SATA/PCIe Premium driver did vastly improve the performance in a drive being used in SATA configuration. Intel needs to run those drives using a RAID controller so its Optane memory will function correctly.
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