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Hi MoKiChU,

Thank you for sharing the drivers on forum 🙂

Level 7
You're back, MoKiChu!?

Level 40

RTKVHD64.sys causes a BSOD on my GX502GW when trying to install the driver

Heya. I just opened up DTS today to check the enhancements and I seem to be stuck on the "Welcome Page" that I told you about on the other thread.

Is there a way to fix this?

Hi, thanks for your reply (and sorry for my late one due to personal reasons).
Yes I have cleaned up the drivers pretty well and went through the process myself to verify there isn't any trace of the old drivers, yet it still crashes my system every time i tried to install it. I even used DDU as a last resort to nuke everything and make sure that it really cleaned everything, yet the driver still causes a BSOD. Apparently it isn't a conflict issue but an incompatibility issue, i have had these in the past when i tried to install modded drivers that just didn't work with my system. Seems like this release isn't really compatible with my laptop after all, i'll just stick to 8931 (it is a good driver version)
About windows update, i have disabled automatic updates and blocked driver updates for good, and i always cut off the connection completely before even uninstalling the driver yet still the same BSOD when installing the new one. I also would like to add that when i installed it manually without the bat file i have found that the HDXASUS.inf file is the culprit, which is the inf the file that copies the RTKVHD64.sys that causes the BSOD in the first place.

Thank you so much, this one is working pretty well.