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Zlocho wrote:
Can not find anywhere mentioned versions Lighting_Control_1.07.22.1 or 1.07.22. Any link?

Kind regards

I try to keep all versions (Win10 , x64) in this folder in case anybody needs them.
Direct downloads from Asus and virus free (but please feel free to check them before you install them).

When will it be fixed that all Aura modes take up to 12% CPU usage except "colorshift"... i finally want to use rainbow or wave setting without getting overwhelming 12% cpu usage on a 9700k @ 5.2ghz

New aura came and they just dont listen to user needs. we clearly asked we need Program assigned Lighting! Which means when we take specific program the lights should change accordingly which can customized, same like corsair icue 😞

secondly Armoury light presets is still not included in Aurasync although we requested many times!c:mad: why on earth we need to use 2 3 software for different lighting? why u cant include just one? i mean just add armory effects and custom profiles to aura and make the software as 1? if we open one, another need to end task or restart pc to make it work! WHY?

Thirdly, no more customized presets in Aura. same As old fx !! music effect cant customized color yet! CPU temperature cant still customize color

Have a look at corsair user customized FX: can we DO this in ROG products? NO we cant ,its a shame

CUSTOM lighting DRAM

Zlocho wrote:
Hello everyone,

I have an issue with my HyperX Predator 8GB (x2) 3200 Mhz not syncing with AURA. Case fans and mbo are synced and recognized in the AURA while RAM is working but without the sync with other components.

AURA Sync Aura_1.07.36 is the driver installed

My spec is as follows:
- CASE Cooler Master MB 500 (3 fans)
- TUF B450-PLUS Gaming (BIOS 1002 version)
- Ryzen 2600x
- ASUS 1070ti A8G (Cerberus)
- HyperX Predator 8gb 3200 MHZ x2 RGB
- and other usual stuff with no additional RGB

Kind regards

HyperX are working on their own software, hopefully it will allow us to "sync" with other hardware.

dfaovred wrote:
HyperX are working on their own software.

Any source for such information?

ZduneX25 wrote:
Any source for such information?

ZduneX25 wrote:
Any source for such information?

HyperX have released a beta, it's available on the Windows Store only from what I can see.

dfaovred wrote:
HyperX have released a beta, it's available on the Windows Store only from what I can see.

If you buy products that claim to be compatible, it is to not use additional software ...

But that shows that HyperX at least cares about its customers because it is giving us an alternative solution to the problem, not so Asus, which still does not offer an answer or solution. Do not even remove HyperX's Predator sticks from the AuraSync compatibility list :enojado:

Level 40

MoKiChU wrote:
Hello everyone,

New version of AURA Sync has just been released :

- AURA Sync - Last version [03/04/2019] :
----Version : 1.07.51
----Download :

Thread updated.

Thanks for the note. Install and working as expected

1. transitions in rainbow gradient is MUCH MUCH better using 4 pin rgb lights and almost 0% hit on the cpu and less memory (27.5mb) Thanks for that fix.
*comet use 35.1mb memory and so, depending the effect also affect how much memory is use. but most is around that.
2. I can't test Armory. When i can, I will post something. i have to get a mouse replacement since mine die.
3. Installation was easy. I follow the step, by the letter and comas. I skip the cccleanner or others, since I HAVE A VERY BAD experience using those apps on windows 10. NO issues no crash sor the moment. ( I did a few restart and for the moment no crash or desync.) PLease follow the steps. IS A MOST.

end report!
Learn, Play Enjoy!