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Level 40

Level 8
I've a problem when starting the PC.
I miss a sign with error referred to LiveUpdateSyncCheck.exe

Current version installed:

Level 11
So a year ago I had to RMA my original Spatha for a tracking issue. I sent back only the mouse and got a whole new, complete mouse box. I thought there might be an issue with the base, so I went down and got the other base and tried to use it. Turns out that base has the magnets in reverse polarity, so the mouse is repelled from the base. I'm thinking, how odd? Is this a quality control issue to show the difference between new ones and RMA'd ones? I can't think of another good reason to do it intentionally. I suppose in the end the mice/bases can just have their magnets put in randomly during assembly and then someone has to make sure they are magnetized right instead of repelling. Any thoughts?
Panteks Enthoo Elite / Asus x299 Rampage VI Extreme / Intel I9-7900X / Corsair Dominator RGB 3200MHz

MSI GTX 1080 TI / 2x Intel 900p / Samsung 970 Pro 512GB

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Corsair AX 1200i / Corsair Platinum K95 / Asus Chakram

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